Temi Olajide

Temi Olajide is a Child Sleep Consultant and Child Psychologist. With 15 years’ worth of experience and a certification in Child Psychology, she has developed strong competence in team leadership, consulting, strategy and resource management. She is equally a skilled listener with a brilliant, analytical mind.

Beyond her certification in Child Psychology and Child Sleep Behaviour, she holds a B.Sc. in Chemistry, a certification in Introductory Journalism from London College of Media and Journalism; Makeup Artistry certification from both London School of Makeup and Vizio Makeup Academy, USA; a certification from Aesthetic Spa Facial Academy USA; a project management certification and business management.

Temi, Nigeria’s first certified child sleep consultant is the Founder and Lead Strategist at Mummyclinicc Global Services. Mummyclinicc hosts an online platform that provides strategies and result driven solutions to the challenges of child rearing.  The organisation which is also a sleep training platform for children in West Africa helps mothers to successfully combine the requirements of life and motherhood while responding correctly to the peculiarities of the digital age. She succesfully worked with over 400 mothers within the first year of establishment. 

At Mummyclinic, she functions as the lead consultant and therapist. She is also responsible for strategy and business development in the organisation. She is the Co-founder of Association of Child Sleep Consultants of Nigeria and a member of International Association of Child Sleep Consultants.

Temi is the author of Wi-Fi Kids and Analog Parents, a comprehensive book that equips parents on how to raise well-rounded kids in the digital age.

She has built on her vast and varied experiences to develop astute team management, leadership, communication and decision making skills. She equally has exceptional multitasking ability and is currently expanding her availability for speaking engagements.

‘Every child is gifted, special & unique, our role is to identify how to bring out the inner genius every child has got, which is discovered at different times.’Temi Olajide