Mrs. Ifeyinwa Omesiete

Mrs. Ifeyinwa Omesiete is a certified Nutritionist with a Bsc in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, USA.

Her calling and passion is to cater to the wellness of children dealing with medical and dietary ailments. Her experience ranges from picky-eaters to the management of genetic disorders through nutrition.

She has participated in research studies such as the analysis of how different food groups affect the lipid cells in the human body and a case study on introducing more vegetables and whole grains into school lunches.

She is passionate about pediatric nutrition and finding ways of alleviating malnourished and over nourished children in Africa. She consults at various hospitals for children of all ages; where she creates and introduces innovative recipes designed to improve a child’s diet based on their diagnosis, physical activity and age requirements. One of her many goals is to relieve parents of the stress and guilt of wondering how to feed their children the right way, while cultivating a healthy family lifestyle.

She co-founded the first Healthy child nutrition kit in Nigeria; which is an online platform that educates caregivers on the importance of proper nutrition, effective feeding techniques and must-have skills designed to introduce a child to a variety of wholesome meals between the ages of 6 months-6 years.

In her spare time, she educates through social media and shares her personal experiences on how to live in the modern world, whilst raising healthy and well-nourished children.