Gbemisola Williams

Mrs Gbemisola is an expert and she specialises in the “Art and Esentials of Guidance and Counselling”. This is one of the courses that you will be able to take on the Askdamz app. Yes you can become an Askdamz Certified counsellor and receive a certificate of completion afterwards. Every coach must be skilled in the area of human psychology and dealing with their client’s needs and expectations, whilst pushing them towards their common goal of greatness.

Meet Mrs Gbemisola Williams. One of our trainers with a first degree in Guidance and Counselling from Adekunle Ajasin University. She also holds a Masters degree from university of Lagos, also in GUIDANCE AND COUNSELLING.

Gbemisola Williams specialises and teaches people the importance of loving themselves and guides them towards becoming better versions of themselves. She specializes in THE ART OF GUIDANCE AND COUNSELLING, A MUST FOR EVERY COACH”